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Blub, blub…..blogging!

Like millions of people, I have been wanting to blog for a long time.

In fact, I started planning this blog nearly two years ago and I have been writing blogs in my head ever since.
But do you think I’ve put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard, for that matter?

Instead, I continue to write the most amazing blogs in my head. Yeah, you know the ones where you are really witty, clever and deep!
When I am walking, travelling on public transport or just lying next to a demanding toddler in the desperate bid to get him to sleep – especially then! – my mind wanders to fascinating places.
But in front of the computer, I always seem to have a thousand other things to do – banking, working and, ahem, facebooking – this great time-waster of our time.

However, I recently took up swimming again and during laps I find my mind “writing” blog post after blog post. Some of them even stick and you might even get to read some of them soon.
There’s something about swimming, in particular, that makes your mind cleanse itself.

Being submerged in water makes me feel connected to another part of myself.
Blub, blub…blogging.

Join me as I take my first steps on this journey!

Where and when do you blog? Please drop me a few lines about your blogging habits.

  1. All signs of an amazing blogger! Isn’t it funny how writing can be your profession, but your true writing {from within you, from your heart} can get pushed aside by what “needs” to be written…? Acknowleding this was what lead me to press publish on my first post. So much freedom in writing to style-guide you. I’m so looking forward to reading more Liselotte. Awesome first post. Elisa xx

  2. Thanks, Elisa!

  3. While I still do a lot of writing as part of my occupation, I really enjoy the freedom which blogging provides. Being able to one week write about human relationships and the next week write about bad 90s pop culture is something which I really enjoy.

    Blogging has reinvigorated my love for writing (as opposed to writing for work). At the same time, it requires having enough self-discipline to blog on a regular basis, produce clean copy and write about topics of interest as well.

    The fact there is an audience out there which is interested enough to read it on a regular basis is satisfying as well.

    Best of luck with your blog Liselotte – I’m sure it will be awesome 🙂

  4. Thanks, Winston!

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