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New beginnings

I recently blogged about filling up your “you” glass to prevent yourself from running on empty.

It’s all too easy to keep putting it off until “tomorrow”, but yesterday I took time (that I didn’t really have) out of my schedule to do something just for me. Well, not just for me, but when what makes you happy makes someone else happy too, that counts as looking after yourself, right?

Anyway, I picked my youngest son up from pre-school a bit earlier than usual. As I was attending a political meeting later in the evening (with Mr three-and-a-half!!) I wanted to recharge my batteries and give him a chance to run off some steam and spend some time with me before the meeting.

We headed for a beautiful nature reserve that is famous for its spring flowers.

Now, my husband scoffed the first time I took our family here to celebrate the emergence of spring flowers – after all, we’d only lived in Sweden a few weeks at this point. He did enjoy it (shhh – don’t tell him I told you) but it wasn’t until a year later – after having experienced a full Swedish winter for the first time – that he could begin to understand my fellow countrymen and women’s obsession with the arrival of spring.

After that long, cold and harsh winter, it is little wonder that Swedes turn their faces to the sky at the slightest chance of sun and rush to the forests to greet the white, blue and yellow anemones when they break through the just-thawed ground and last year’s autumn leaves.

These delicate flowers inspire hope, and while my son was running through the dry leaves, collecting sticks and climbing mossy rocks, I couldn’t help but think they really are the symbol of new beginnings.

If they can stick their necks out after months of darkness, what’s stopping us from doing the same?

So, no matter how impossible things seem, there is always an opportunity to start fresh.

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