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Power of passion

A few years ago, when I first considered starting my own business, a fellow freelancer and entrepreneur (the lovely and talented Angelica Svanberg, who incidentally designed my logo just the way I had pictured it) said that as soon as she’d been able to afford it she had let someone else take care of her accounting.

“It’s money well spent,” she said. “It takes her less time to do and I can use the hours to make money doing what I love instead.”

I took her words to heart, and have actually been using an accountant from the very start. Not only do I consider it good use of my time (and therefore money), but it also allows me to worry less about whether I’ve done it right.

But this is less a post about the excellence of my accountant and more about doing what you love.

You see, my accountant is so excited that you actually leave her place with a grin that lasts all day. I still go and see her to get the accounting done as it gives me a better idea of what I need to do to make it as efficient as possible for her. Not only does she take a genuine interest in how I’m going (business-wise and personally), she just loves putting those numbers into columns and printed-off reports. It is simply contagious! Last week, she was saying how much she missed the calculator she used to have in her old workplace and needed to get a new one and I’ve been smiling about her comment ever since.

I recognise myself, I guess. While I do not share my accountant’s love for numbers – and associated equipment! – I am passionately obsessive about language and grammar.

I can only hope that my passion for my work is as contagious as my accountant’s passion for hers as I believe it is the very foundation of success – whatever you do!

What’s your (nerdy) passion? Please drop me a few lines about what makes your heart sing.

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