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I offer professional translations for several European languages and pride myself on the particularly fast delivery of translations from English to Swedish and Swedish to English.

Through a network of translators, I can also arrange translation from and to German and Norwegian as well as other languages.

Why use a professional translation service?

You’re used to dealing with international customers, but can you honestly say you feel confident about sending your own English texts to the printer or uploading them to your website?

Many Swedes are very good at English and usually have no trouble in international markets. But when it comes to your website or brochure, you want the content to portray your business. If your English isn’t up to scratch, chances are that the readers will question whether your service or product is.

The online translation services are a useful tool, but not when it comes to interpreting nuances in each language or making sure the text retains its original tone.

This is where I come in. As a journalist with experience from Swedish and English media I move freely between the two languages. With more than seven years as a reporter, editor and news editor on English-language newspapers, I am used to both writing and proof-reading texts to ensure a professional profile.

Let me take care of your English texts and the peculiarities of the English language. Its grammar, spelling and sentence structure may not make any sense to some, but I love it and will make it work for your company and its products.

Other languages

I work closely with other translators and would be happy to recommend colleagues that work with other languages. A joint quote can also be arranged.

Business letters

Do you need help writing important letters to your business contacts abroad? I am here to help!

Presentations, CVs and personal letters

  • Do you have an important presentation to deliver in English?
  • Do you dream of landing a new job with an international employer?

Why not let me help you succeed by having your presentation, CV or personal letter professionally translated or proofread?

I have helped many customers put their best foot forward when it comes to communicating in English and would be delighted to do the same for you.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you and your business!


Why choose me? I am:

  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Competively priced
  • Thorough
  • Experienced
  • Qualified

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